MR Silva Services - Do not use Roberto Silva, Kirkland, IL (handyman)

Naperville, Illinois 2 comments

Roberto Silva of what was then, Silva's Services and is now M&R Silva Services, who claims to be a professional contractor is really a ***.I've sued him and won in court and the piece of *** won't pay.

He claims to have gone to college (but can't spell the word) and that he was in the armed services (never was). Do not hire this *** bag he can't even change a light bulb without screwing something up.

He is from Kirkland, IL.Beware as he is not licensed and does not have any insurance.

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Elmhurst, Illinois, United States #809432

I also hired this guy.He sure can talk the talk.

Had him

Paint my gutters and instead of removing and painting,

he tried to wrap my house in plastic. I nearly flipped


Told him to leave.What a joke!


I hired him too and wish I never had! A small job cost me more because I had to hire another to fix work he had done. I don't recommend.

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